What we can do

AGL Supply Chain Management streamlines your supply chain by integrating and managing the end to end flow of materials, products and information.

Variety of Trucks

We have a wide variety of vehicles for support, including 4,6,10,18 Wheels, vans, trailers, that all for support customer business.

Our Warehouse Experience

  • Kitting
  • Light Assembly
  • Materials replenishment
  • Cross Docking

Our Transport Experience

  • Milkrun
  • Just in Time
  • Sequencing
  • Kanban
  • Routing and Scheduling

About Us

AGL established in 2010 Based on Rayong Thailand. The first Supply chain facilities Located on Map Yang Phon @ Rayong, closely with the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate and Amata City.


Surrounding with the Industrial Estate at eastern regional
• Pinthong Industrial Estate
     8 Km. and 10 Mins. drive
• Amata City Industrial Estate
     10 Km. and 15 Mins. drive
• Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate
     12 Km. and 17 Mins. drive
• Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate#2
     15 Km. and 20 Mins. drive


GPS (Global Positioning System)
• At the tracking center can monitor the movements of several vehicles or people in real time.
• To finding a route from point A to B or selecting a suitable route in real time
• GPS tracking units allow dispatchers to continuously monitor vehicle speeds.
• Wi-Fi Projector in the meeting room
ERP system

Contact Us

222 Moo 4, T. Mabyangporn, A. Pluakdaeng, Rayong, 21140 THAILAND
Tel : +66 38 660-225 Ext. 109 Fax : +66 38 660-226